Complete Kit 10mg

This handy kit offers you some great benefits:
  • Gives you that sexy tanned look fast by helping your natural tanning hormone to respond and produce skin-darkening pigments – even better than exposing yourself under the sun’s heat for hours!
  • Can help prevent skin cancer by shielding you from harmful UV rays!
  • Packs everything you need to get your tan – this set contains all the necessary goods that will make your tanning journey easier!
    • 1 Melanotan 2 ( 10 mg vial)
    • 1 Injectable Water (2 ml vial)
    • 10 Syringe
    • 10 Alcohol Wipe
Grab this wonderful tanning set today by adding it to your basket!
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Complete Kit 10mg


Looking for a way to get that beautiful dark skin tone fast without the hassle? Then this is going to be a great solution for you – whether you’re a newbie in using Melanotan II or not, this tanning kit will surely attend to your skin conditioning needs!
Our bodies have a hormone that controls our skin’s natural tanning process. This set can help stimulate that process faster and more efficient than your average or common tanning methods. The Melanotan II compound, which we contained in a vial, helps you step up your tanned look like never before.



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